Friday, 25 January 2013

Suggestions on class deco

Suggestions on how to link the goals and mission to the theme and include on what recycled materials you want to bring on Monday ~THX


  1. Show the different ores and how hard they are to fid to show progression (needs a bit of work) And if you relate the snow biome a little to real life, you would need to work harder cause of the climate there .

  2. Something to think about...
    Can the different ores be labeled with the goals you've stated in the classroom goals?
    Labelled such that it's more explicit in the "attainment" of these ores (goals).
    If im not wrong, am I right to say that the earning of each particular ore material has a different level of difficulty to attaining it? Therefore according to your goals, identify which is a short-term or long-term goal, thereby attaching meaning to the ore's existence in the class deco design.

  3. the theme can also related to macbooks and the digital world:

    how we can make use of our Macbooks wisely, making use of them instead of letting it be a threat to you .

    how we can exercise to be responsible digital citizens.

    how we can strive academically with the use of the Macbook to enhance our learning in SST.

    How we can be mindful of our behaviour on the online sphere.

    how we communicate through the online community ( facebook and emailing ) , i.e. mindful of our language? Process through wat we have in mind first before posting.

    maybe we can cut out 3D pictures using printing which is not costly, and then post words like communication, behaviour and etc.