Thursday, 17 January 2013

Class Deco

Our theme is Snowy Wonderland.

Inspiration : With 365 days of heat in Singapore and yet we have airconditioned rooms in SST, it will be nice to have a scene of SNOW near the equator!!!

1st Wall
Mural effects with a simple hill slope covered with snow.
A few student figures playing on the slope..skiing, gliding, making snow angels etc.
2 or 3 pix of pine trees - small so not to ''clutter the wall.
Place a few numbers of white or aluminium foil Star Snow Flakes
Include a penguinee figure if you like.

2nd Wall (Notice Board)
Place cottony clouds on the top edge depicting clouds.
Place a few numbers of aluminium foil Star Snow Flakes (stars shape).
1 or 2 small pretty pine trees tuck in a corner so not to clutter the board.

Place snow flakes on the window pane and a touch of cotton wool for
snow on the top of the window as though they landed there.

Cabinets Tops
Tasteful decoratives such as :
-  Snow globes
-  Gloves/Woolly gloves
-  Candles lamps (no wig and no flame allowed)
-  Snowmen and snowboys/girls
-  anything else that's appropriate

Can we build a sleigh?

This is tentative...more to come...tomorrow...maybe...

By Clarie, Grace, Aniksha

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