Sunday, 20 January 2013

Class Decoration

Our theme for the class deco is MINECRAFT 
Since a number of us like to play Minecraft, we have decided to make our class theme minecraft.
Minecraft is an adventure game where u can place and destroy blocks to build structures and buildings to protect yourself against the nocturnal monsters(mobs) u can go mining in the darkest caves and climb the highest mountains. Play with friends and the only limit is your imagination
We will be putting minecraft poster at the back of the class and other 3d minecraft drawing of Minecraft food
On the left side of the wall we will be pasting pictures of monsters(mobs) ect creepers, skeletons, zombies...
On top of the white board will be pictures of the nether on one side and the normal world on the other side
On the window there will be minecraft glass pictures,diamond tools and weapons. There will also there will be also be farm animals (friendly mobs) made out of card board boxes
Hope u like our idea thank you

Class room design by: Vernen, Micah and Thomas


  1. Mobs already mean neutral creatures, hostile mobs mean dangerous or something mobs.

  2. we need to have the winter themem