Thursday, 17 January 2013

Class Decorations

Hi guys ,
             Here is what we came up with, we came up with a mix of a ninja and portal 2 styled theme.
We thought that maybe we could do like origami ninja stars(shurikens) and stick them on the walls and do some small drawings of ninjas and cut them up and paste them on the walls too , we also thought that we could add portals and draw them so the look like they link up like how they do in the game.
We could also use some photos found on the internet and print, cut and past them on the walls too.
Thank you .

Yours sincerely,

Our team consists of Julian, Eldrick , Desmond and I


  1. Dear Ryan,

    There is a grammatical error : when you said 'Our team consists of Julian, Eldrick, Desmond and I'. The correct word to use instead of 'I' is 'me'. I hope you understand.

    Yours sincerely,
    Haady (20)