Thursday, 24 January 2013

Class Decorations

Dear class,

  Since many have suggested minecraft and many have also agreed that the snowy wonderland theme seems like a good idea, we have decided to combine them together thus mimicking the snow biome in minecraft. Using corrugated board to create a 3D effect, we wrap it in paper to make it white and cut it out into snowflakes and paste them on the walls around the classroom. We could also use the corrugated board and form boxes and decorate it to look like ice blocks in minecraft and put them around the class, careful to not obstruct movement. We can also use a lot of cotton wool and put them together to create clouds and place them on the ceiling around the class. We can also use the corrugated board and create trees and also place them around the class. So far, the materials we need are a lot corrugated board, A4 plain paper, Coloured Paper, Coloured Markers, Black Markers, Cotton Wool, Glue and String. We will be be collecting $4 from everyone for supplies. If there is balance after buying the supplies, it will be added to the class funds and can be used for later projects.

Yours Sincerely,
Roid Shafiq and The EXCO


  1. so ex T.T can you calculate the total amount needed, and we should try to use recycled materials.

  2. and for the glue and coloured markers. i think some people has it and we shd ask thm if they are willing to contribute

  3. Wouldnt the white snowflakes blend in together with the walls or on any white background that it is put on?