Monday, 7 January 2013

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Observed During Lessons

1. One speaker at a time.

2. Raise your hand when you want to make a comment, instead of interrupting the teacher     or speaker when he/she is talking.

3. During group work, discuss softly, no yelling or shouting. 

4. Complete task(s) given by the teacher neatly, legibly, immaculately.

5. Complete task(s) within the time limit.

6. The use of expletives, profanities or vulgarities is highly prohibited within the school perimeter.

7. Be punctual to class at all times.

8. Be attentive and alert in class at all times.

9. Pen down any homework/task/assignment written on the board or said verbally by the teacher.

10. Keep the class spick and span at all times.

11. Be responsible for every litter strewn on the floor.

12. The class is not a playground, catching is prohibited.

13. Lower the Macbook to 45 degree when the teacher is making an announcement or talking.

Group Members: Ai'man, Kai Jie, Sai 

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