Monday, 7 January 2013

Code Of Conduct

Haady, Shaun and Nyi Nyi


1.Respect the person who is talking.

2.Raise up your hands when asking or answering to a question.

3.Lower your LD to 45 degree or below when teacher is talking.

4.No using vulgarity or inappropriate words.

5.Always switch off the lights, air-con and fans when leaving the class-room.

6.No eating or drinking of sweet drinks.

7.No playing or running in the class.

8.Must submit homework, assignments and projects on time.

9.No playing games on Learning Device.

10.Always greet teacher/senior when they come in to class.

11.No using of hand-phones in class.

12.No wearing of jewellery

13.No going to the toilet without the teacher's permission. 

14.Must be punctual to class.

15.Close all windows when the air-con is on 

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