Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finalised mission and goals

Dear class,

  The EXCO has decided on the finalised mission and goals of our class.

For the mission, we have decided to use the one that was posted up by Daryl's group, and editted some parts of it and came up with the final product which is,
"We are S1-03. We unite together in order to bring out the best in everyone and work well as a class. We communicate well and are closely bonded together. We will strive to be the best by working together as a class and improve on ourselves whenever possible."

For the goals, we have decided to use the one posted by Reese's and Daniel's group.

"To strive for excellence and success in order to make myself, my family, and my school proud. To be confident leaders, responsible digital citizens, to excel in academics, behaviour and all aspects of life. We will also cooperate well as a class and be diligent in whatever we do."

 Yours Sincerely,
Roid Shafiq and The EXCO

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