Monday, 14 January 2013

Homework-14/1/2012 and some random stuff

Heya guys,

Here's today's homework,
English-find a video on unplanned speech and elaborate some points.(More info on the EL blog.)
Come up with a class decor plan by Friday.
Remember to do research on the type of cells you have been assigned to. Do a presentation about it.
S&W presentation.

From tomorrow onwards, could the reps from each subject email me the homework for your subject on that day? It would make my job much easier.
And as far as I remember, it is not the secretary's job to erase the whiteboard. So, before we have a duty roster set up, erasing of the board each day will go by register number. Feel free to object, but I need a reason.

So that's about it, if I have left anything out or gave the wrong info, remember to leave it in the comments section below.



  1. Erm.. i was wondering about the show and tell for english, when is it and what do we have to do. Thanks in advance to those who could reply ASAP.

  2. Hi Clarie dont mind PM me your email address.. Thanks! :)