Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Homework 23/1/13

Hi class,

  It looks like the secretary has not posted the homework.I would like to help. These are the homework for today:


- Page 9 of your booklet, do a Real Number Family Tree in your booklet. You also can use Popplet if you want to. If you use Popplet, please do it originally.If you are proud of it, you are welcomed to post it in the Maths blog.

*Those who have not finish the Math Homework Worksheet 1C, please finish it today as it has to be handed in by tomorrow.


-Please turn in The Principles of design, as well as the home work to wrap up the topic 'Elements of Design'. Both of them must be turned in before the next lesson, which is tomorrow.

*Please check the Edmodo blog for further information regarding the homework.

**CCA option form must be handed in by tomorrow.

Best regards,
Haady (20)

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