Monday, 18 February 2013

20130218 (I) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

What it means to be Digital Citizens? 

Activity 1A (LD down)
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows


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Activity 1B - It's your turn

Reflection Questions 1 (Post as comments)

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
  • Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


  1. Haady (20)

    1.Being a digital citizen is a privilege, not an entitlement. Thus, we should take good responsibility when using the internet.

    2.Yes, it does by posting what you feel or say in the internet.

  2. It means that you are a digitalized citizen
    No they don't as everybody assumes that they are anonymous.

  3. To be a digital citizen, we have to responsible online and mind what we do.

    Values do exist in Cyber space. They exist because it reminds us to behave properly online.

  4. 1. a person that uses the internet in his daily life to interact
    2. they may not exist as not everyone knows who is the person they are interacting with

  5. 1. A digital citizen is a person who uses the internet. A netizen is a person who uses the internet regularly.

    2.Yes. So that there would not be arguments and fighting on the internet.

  6. Being a digital netizen means to use the internet properly and wisely and not use it for bad deeds.

    Yes they do. Without either one, the internet users would go out of hand, people will start arguing and it becomes cyber bullying.

  7. 1) Being a digital citizen means we need to learn how to use the internet wisely, and that we have to be more wary of hackers/ cyber bullies etc.

    2)Values like respect and responsibility exist in cyber space as we should not be racist/biased when using the internet and have the responsibility to not give out too much information about ourselves.

  8. To be a digital citizen or netizen is to be conscious on what you write on the internet and not to allow others to se the internet the wrong way example cypher-bulying and scamming others. Values do exist in cyber space. We should not be doing something illegal in cyberspace.

  9. 1. Being a user of digital devices.
    2. Yes. We need to have mutual respect towards each other to avoid disputes among each other on the cyberspace.

  10. 1.What means to be netizens is to be a responsible user of the technology available.We should display rightful mannerisms when we are using such things.
    2.Yes,values such as respect and responsibility exist in cyber space.This refers to us being kind towards one another,not being racists,ect.

  11. To be a netizen means that you use the internet.
    Values like respect and responsibility exist as you must be responsible for what you do on the internet.

  12. it means to use information technology in daily life.

    yes, to remind us to behave in cyberspace

  13. It means to be responsible of what you do in the digital space. Do not abuse what you have and instead make full use of it. Being a netizen means being careful of what you post on the internet.

    Values like respect and responsibility still exists in cyber space, but getting rarer by the day. Many netizens now fail to shows digital responsibility.

  14. It means to be a responsible user when on the internet.

    It does exist, because if it does not have, the internet is ruined

  15. Being a digital citizen means we need to learn how to use it wisely and do not do any illegal stuff

  16. - To be a digital citizen or netizen is to use the internet regularly as if it is a part of you life
    - Values do not exist in cyber space, as not everyone does not know each other on the internet

  17. To be a digital citizen or netizen is to be able to use the internet the right way and not using inappropriate languages.

    Yes, it exist. We must always show respect others like by no criticising others and we must have responsibility to be responsible for our actions

  18. A digital citizen is one who utilizes the internet(blogs, facebook, google...) in a correct and responsible manner.
    Respect and responsibility exist in cyber space as the person you are communicating with is also a human who deserves respect.

  19. 1.Users of digital devices.
    2.Yes, we should have respect for others although we may not know them.

  20. 1. Netizen means to be a user of the citins are the users of digital devices.
    2. Yes. It is because we are communicating with others like us, who deserve respect.