Friday, 8 March 2013

Class Discussion - Littering

1. Why is it important to keep the environment clean?

Because when we litter, after a few weeks, the matter will decompose and decrease the amount of oxygen in the air and provides nutrients to the plant and polluted. And if everyone continues to litter, the world will turn into a colossal dust bin.

2. Why should I model the way for my peers?

Because we must lead a good example for others to copy and follow.

3. How can I encourage my peers to keep the environment clean?

Explain the rationale behind what will happen after I litter. We can plant more dustbin around and write facts on the dustbin about litter and increase the fine price.

4. Should we be responsible for the mess made by others?

Yes. As this is our planet, and we should strive to try our best to maintain cleanliness.

Product of Thomas, Kai Jie and N2

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