Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Homework - 3 April 2013

Heya guys,

Here's today's homework. Maybe you may be searching for the homework so, make i took the role for today.

Lessons Today:

---Math----English----Humanities----Science----Innovation & Entrepreneurship----Chinese


Art - Update your Infographics Design Journal to Section 6
        ( Reminder to complete the mindmap using Popple or Prezi. Futhermore, you should have your 
           pie charts of the statistics that you have chosen for your category. )

Chinese - Performance Task 
              - Email Ms Tan either your script in 200 x 2 words or your plan for the Performance Task ( like     
                 the questions you will be asking for the interview.
              - Complete the worksheet《 球星马嘴 》自我考察
              - Headstart 《 一碗牛肉面 》        
              - Complete Questions 1, 2 and 3 of Page 46 of the Chinese Textbook

Mathematics - Homework 4E ( Expansion: Special Products )
                     - Experiment Pages 58 and 59 of the Green Book

Science - Read up Separation Techniques.

English - Complete the Comprehension Passage. ( Remember in the Hard Copy version. )
            -Remember to fill up your vocabulary books to 45 words.

Humanities - Downloaded Worksheet.

That is about it, if I have left anything out or have given the wrong info, remember to leave it in the comments section below.


Kai Jie ( Happy Man )

3 April 2013
8:32 PM

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  1. Thanks, Kai Jie. Had something on just now so didn't get the homework posted. Thanks~ ^^