Friday, 5 April 2013

HOLIDAY HOMEWORK! - Yipee, tommorow rehearsal!

Heya guys,

YES. okay so its the time for holidays. BUT also time for Homework soooo~

Today's Timetable:



Saturday, 6 April 2013
Official Opening Ceremony Full Dress Rehearsal

Please be seated at the Multi-Purpose Hall by 8 am.


Humanities - Work on the Natural Resources Activity for does who did not complete.

Art - Update your Infographics Design Journal to Section 7. Reminder to complete the mindmap using Popple or Prezi. Futhermore, you should have your pie charts of the statistics that you have chosen for your category. Additionally, do complete logo sketches for the six different categories that you have chosen. 

Math - Homework 4E
         - Homework 4F
         - Experiment Pages 58 and 59 of the Green Book

Chemistry - Separation Techniques

English - Paragaphing for Settings and Characters, do note that you should have at least 5 of each.
             - Vocabulary Book should have up to 50 words, you may include quotes.

Chinese - Performance Task, includes the 400 word and the filming. All of them should be completed and submitted by 11 April 2013.

That is about it, if I have left anything out or have given the wrong info, remember to leave it in the comments section below.


Kai Jie ( Happy Man )

5 April 2013
7:56 PM