Monday, 2 September 2013

What we would all like to see (even if we are hypocrites(we will change))

1.The ability to convey messages to the class efficiently (face to face), no stupid comments.
Solutions:The only person who can speak holds an item or so. Sitting at own seats.
LDs down. Drawing of idea on board.

2.Class teamwork:No flaming, no putting each other down such as ; ironies or such.Even if you want to someones flame think it through first, with the words at the tip of your tongue stop for a moment and find every reason to not retaliate(it helps by thinking of what the teachers can do to you(consequences) this helps a lot as when you show your maturity your friends tend to follow suit.

3.More monthly or weekly exco meetings to see what they can do to improve the class.
E.g.:Class funds, every month collect a sum.

Well I hope we can start anew.
There, thank you and think this through.


  1. The class broke into a quarrel again today. and my feelings is that this cannot go on. The burns and ironies come at the wrong time. So i think we (incudes me) should change. when there are class briefings make sure:
    1. Listen to whoever is talking
    2. dont 'shut down' the person immediately
    3. portray ur information in an orderly manner
    4. do not engage in your own discussions
    5. maintain silence

    this way, we can decrease the misunderstandings in the class. And does who havent pay the class funds since the last semester, do it.

    And i know i am also part of the noise made. so i myself will change too.

    P.S i dont believe what josiah has said about hypocrites. Everyone in our class has already express their personalities. (e.g Nyi nyi, the person who laughs uncontrollably) No one is a hypocrite here.

  2. When someone has done something wrong or not acceptable, we should not add on to the oil and make a big fuss about it. This will cause the person to feel embarassed and angry. We should empathsise with them and see how it would feel like if we were in their shoes. If we ourselves have done something wrong we should apologise and make up.

  3. Most important, accept people for who they are, and do not do anything to make them feel less or bad about themselves.